Price Correction

As announced in community channels, the Obsidium team has reached the decision to correct the prices from Initial DEX Offering Phase 3, Presale and also from Decentralized Exchange.

All prices have been corrected to reflect the true value of the Obsidium token and also to be successfully launched on any Decentralized Exchange with a trading pair available at a realistic Market Cap.

Investors who have already purchased any Obsidium tokens, their balance in the obsidium application account has been updated to reflect the price correction.

Initial DEX Offering Corrections

Phase 3 Correction

Price of IDO Phase 3 has been downgraded from $0.096 to $0.09024 (-6%).

Launchpad Presale Correction

Price of PreSale has been downgraded from $0.14 to $0.119 (-15%).

DEX Launch Correction

Price of DEX Launch has been downgraded from $0.15 to $0.12 (-20%).

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